Reaching out to communities

Mango’s programme of community involvement stretches across the length and breadth of our country. Presently, volunteers from every area at Mango form part of a team that installs environmentally friendly and self-sustaining vegetable gardens in communities with need.

The veggie gardens, planted in partnership with the Robin Good foundation, comprise a tunnel and seedlings, constructed by the team and the community coupled with a rain catchment tank and, most important of all, a wormery.

Wormery’s are an essential cog in self-sustenance of these gardens. Not only do the worm produce compost of exceptional quality, but, it allows for the recycling of many waste items that would otherwise be thrown away – kitchen matter, cardboard and paper products all contribute to successful compost making.

One of our partners is Ikusasa, a shelter in Krugersdorp that offers a feeding scheme for homeless people, a residential area for street children and a schooling programme.

The shelter houses several street children and provides meals for around 100 homeless every day. The vegetable garden installed on its premises will provide much needed nutrition to all that Ikusasa cares for.

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