Strate Charity Shares Donates R300 000 to Charity

Strate Charity Shares (SCS) donated R300 000 in total to 4 Worthy causes in November 2011.

To date, SCS has donated a total of R1,5 million to a range of charities.

The beneficiaries of the current donation were:

  • African Childrens Feeding Scheme
  • The Bethany House Trust
  • Child Welfare SA and
  • Child Welfare Tshwane

“We experience much gratification from each payment we are able to make from SCS,” says Monica Singer. Representitives from different Charities received donations from SCS The Bethany House Trust

A Generous Donation

KHS managed to collect R4 100 for The Bethany House Trust at their Easter Festival.

16 April 2012 | Chemelle Barnard

The Bethany House Trust received a generous cheque from Krugersdorp High School today (16 April) during their assembly.

The money was funded from KHS’ Easter Festival, Best of the West which took place over Easter weekend.

The parking fee asked on the day was R20 and R5 of that amount was put aside for the charity.

The school managed to collect R4 100 in total  and donated the full amount to the Trust

Lauren Coetzee, marketing director of KHS says,”We were very happy with the amount, we didn’t expect so much.”

“We started counting the money from 11am on the day and it was thrilling to see how the amount grew during the progression of the day.”

Anchen Pagel and Francois Buys kindly received the donation on behalf of the Trust and were both very grateful.

“We will most likely spend the money on operational expenses,” says Anchen.

Lauren added that without the children the Easter Festival and fund raiser would not be a success. The rest of the money raised was used to pay for the entertainment of the day says Lauren.

Local boy achieves silver at SA’s

Sanele Dladla won silver medals at this years South African Karate Championships.

Sanele Dladla from the Bethany House Trust delivered an outstanding performance at the South African Karate Championships held on 12 May in Pretoria.

Sanele received silver medals in the Kata and Kumite categories, and was chosen to represent South Africa at the Shotokan International Championships in Namibia later this year.

“Although Sanele only joined the Samurai Karate Center in Monument a year ago, he has shown that he is a talented competitor with lots of potential,” said Gert Jonker, CEO of the Bethany House Trust.

He added, “Sensei Elmarie van Zyl’s generous contribution to the healthy development of the participating boys from Bethany House, is one of the many ways in which the concept of ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ can be seen in practice in Krugersdorp.”

Sanele Dladla The Bethany House Trust

Reaching out to communities

Mango’s programme of community involvement stretches across the length and breadth of our country. Presently, volunteers from every area at Mango form part of a team that installs environmentally friendly and self-sustaining vegetable gardens in communities with need.

The veggie gardens, planted in partnership with the Robin Good foundation, comprise a tunnel and seedlings, constructed by the team and the community coupled with a rain catchment tank and, most important of all, a wormery.

Wormery’s are an essential cog in self-sustenance of these gardens. Not only do the worm produce compost of exceptional quality, but, it allows for the recycling of many waste items that would otherwise be thrown away – kitchen matter, cardboard and paper products all contribute to successful compost making.

One of our partners is Ikusasa, a shelter in Krugersdorp that offers a feeding scheme for homeless people, a residential area for street children and a schooling programme.

The shelter houses several street children and provides meals for around 100 homeless every day. The vegetable garden installed on its premises will provide much needed nutrition to all that Ikusasa cares for.

Christmas Charity Event – MF Attorneys

November, is the month that MF ATTORNEYS dedicate to PAYING FORWARD – and with the assistance of our valued agents and clients, we host our red and white event, to show gratitude for blessings received this year and give something in return to the less fortunate, in celebration of a season of giving.  MF ATTORNEYS have hosted their red and white event since 2009.  We want to thank everyone who have been contributing to this event and we want to invite anyone who has not yet involved themselves to please contact us for further information (sanita@mflegal.co.za).

The Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical need of young people for shelter, access to primary health care and a desperate need for education and a safe environment. It is a non-governmental organization and offers a “safe haven” for children. The Bethany House currently accommodates approximately 55 children from birth to 18 years old.

Our clients, agents and colleagues choose a name of a specific child to enable them to personalize a gift.  The focus is on clothing and shoes – and you are provided with such child’s clothing – and shoe size.   

MF ATTORNEYS will every year, have a red and white Christmas tree in their foyer or at the red and white evening, where you can come to put your gift until the date when it is delivered to the children.

 It is so rewarding to see the joy in the children’s eyes when we hand out their Christmas Gifts to them. 

We would also like to thank Pizza Perfect who has AGAIN sponsored 20 pizzas so that the children can have something to eat while opening their presents.  Thank you Pizza Perfect for your annual contribution in making a less fortunate child smile.The Bethany House Trust Christmas-Tree

Shelter still not registered

The Bethany House Trust has sent numerous applications for the registration of the Ikusasa Development Centre, but the Department of Social Development does not respond.

18 April 2012 | Sammi-Jo BothaThe Bethany House Trust Gert Jonker CEO Bethany House Trust

The Bethany House Trust opened the Ikusasa Development Centre situated in Von Brandis Street in November 2010.

This after the Trust responded to a call for proposals from the Department of Social Development for NGO’s to provide services to children living and working on the street in the West Rand region specifically.

The Trust then submitted a proposal to the West Rand regional office of the Department of Social Development (DSD)  on 24  October 2007 which was acknowledged by the Regional Director on 21 November 2007.

On 1 February 2008 the Bethany House Trust submitted a formal business plan using the DSD’s  format to the Department of Social Development.

On 11 August 2008 the West Rand regional office of DSD recommended that the project be registered in the light of the demand for services of this nature.  On 1  November 2010 the  Trust submitted another business plan to this effect. 

On 19  May 2011 the Trust re-submitted the application using an updated application form provided by DSD. 

On 5  September 2011 Bethany House submitted an amended application containing more detailed information regarding the therapeutic interventions at Ikusasa on request from the DSD.

This year, on 27  January, the  Trust submitted the ‘notification of outcome of inquiry by affected person to establish whether his/ hername is included in part of national child protection register to the Department of Social Development as requested.

A number of site visits by officials from the Department of Social Development took place over the years. However, to date the project has not been registered.

Ikusasa commenced service delivery in November 2010 without being registered. That was three years after the  initial proposal/ application was submitted to DSD and two years after registration was recommended by the West Rand DSD.

CEO of the  Trust, Gert Jonker, says, “We had to commence service delivery simply because of the high number of children living and working on the street who had no access to social welfare services. Limited residential care and therapeutic interventions was launched.

Since then the project was expanded into a fully fledged community development centre which, in addition to the services for children living and working on the streets, also provide social welfare and social security services to poor and marginalised inner city residents.

“In 2011 Ikusasa served 45 000 hot meals to beneficiaries for instance.  We receive no financial support from any government department in this endeavour. We can only apply for government funding once registration of Ikusasa in terms of the Children’s Act is completed.

“In the mean time, the Bethany House Trust bears the full the operational cost of R50 000 per   month on average to ensure optimal service delivery to the children and inner city residents we serve.

“The Trust also bought the church building in which Ikusasa is housed. The social investment made by the Bethany House Trust (value of the building and renovations to be compliant in terms of norms and standards and local authority regulations) exceeds R2,5 million.

“We are currently running out of funds to keep this Centre open. We have submitted several registration forms   to the Department of Social Development, but we still have not received any response. We have also  tried to get a response from the President’s and the Premier’s Hotline, but to no avail.”

The NEWS requested comment from the Department of Social Development regarding this matter, but non was forthcoming as yet.

International Day for Street Children- A message from Gert J Jonker, CEO, The Bethany House Trust

Challenging Perceptions:

“Across the globe there are large numbers of children surviving on the streets- it’s time we all took action to address this issue.

It is estimated that worldwide more than 120 million children live and work on the streets. In South Africa the problem is very evident. No clear figure of the exact number of the street children however exist. Reliable estimations puts the number puts the number between 3 000 and 4 000. In the West Rand region demographic surveys identify in the region of 60 to 70 children living and worjing on the streets. The actual number is much higher in all probability.

Whether they are a runaway from Derby or a street child in Krugersdorp, the factors that drive children to the streets are similar. These include family breakdown, poverty and violence. One of the greatest challenges faced by a street child is being recognized and treated as someone without rights. We must recognize that a street child has the same potential as any other child and, given the opportunity. Although street children are vulnerable to the dangers of life on the street, they are also resilient and resourceful. Street children see themselves as able to make a positive contribution to society despite often negative attitudes towards them.

We are calling for government and society to to join together and stand up for the rights of street children all over the world. Being a street child is not a crime! Heavy handed treatment by authorities- such as violence and round-ups- is all too common and must be stamped out. Rather than treat them as criminals, authorities should understand the reasons for street children’s behavior and provide support.

In it’s resolution 16/12 adopted on 24 March 2011 the Human Rights Council invites the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to conduct a study on challenges, lessons learnt and best practices in a holistic, child rights and gender based approach to protect and promote the rights of children working and/ or living on the street , including practices in the collection of disaggregated data and experiences on access to child friendly counseling, complaint and reporting mechanisms to protect the rights of children living and/ or working on the streets.

The resolution requests that the study of be conducted in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including States, UNICEF and other United Nations bodies and agencies, the Special Representitive of the Secretaty-General on Violence against children, the Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography and other relevant special procedures mandate holders, regional organizations, civil society, national human rights institutions and children themselves and to present it to the March 2012 session of the Human Rights Council.

Add your voice to stand up for the rights of street children all over the world! These children face a daily struggle to survive. Being a street child is not a crime!

In Krugersdorp on the West Rand, the IKUSASA Commuity Development Centre provides specialized services to children living and working on the street. IKUSASA- a Zulu word meaning “tomorrow”- provides full residential care, offers daily meals and the use of a drop-in centre with a fully eqipped internet cafe and gymnasium for children not in the residential care program, and access to schooling/ skills development programs. A team of social work professionals addresses therapeutic needs and help with family reintegration.

Day for Children

Gert Jonker and his team will celebrate the International Day for Street Children on 12 April at the Ikusasa Community Development Centre in Krugersdorp.

For details call Gert on 082 900 7832 or 011 6Day for Children The Bethany House Trust60 2762

The Bethany House Trust is Awarded

We were priveledged to be invited to the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism‘s Award Function on 7 March 2012. The Bethany House Trust was awarded the Best Medium Business in the NGO Sector, which is something to be truly proud of. Thank you to all our staff for making it possible to deliver excellent service to our beneficiaries and to be recognized. The Bethany House Trust Gert J Jonker receiving an award of behalf of the Bethany House Trust

Little people treated like Royalty

The Bethany House Trust Students from the Chef School for Food and WineOrphans and vulnerable children from different organisations were treated to a fun day at Kinglets and Queenies in Ruimsig on 3 April.

Students of the Chef School for Food and Wine raised funds to host this day for the 205 children from the Bethany House Trust, Munsieville, Huis Jerusalem, Cradle of Hope, Villa Gloria, Roodepoort Child Welfare and Children’s Haven.

One of the sponsors was the Little Heroes Foundation.

The day was packed with fun activities and yummy treats!

A huge thanks to the Chef School for Food and Wine for making this day possible.

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